Classic Language Exchange, the language exchange to practice foreign languages.

Our main meeting, thanks to wich you can practice english and not only in a relaxed and carefree atmosphere. This event take place at least once a month and sometimes with the presence of a native spaker, but we can’t always garantee it, because every meeting is a different stuff. Normally we meets in some bars of the center of Ancona or directly in a restaurant for a dinner or a lunch.

In addition to english, we organize meetings in other langauges too and, why not,we also set two languages at the same time, with a single table, creating small groups around it or, where possible, using more than ones, so you can choose the proper place for you, based on the language you are interested in. The only rule we have is to avoid to speak italian during the first our, so that to stay focussed on the main goal, but of course not the only one, of these kind of meetings.

We are not a school of languages and nobody will judge you, therefore come without hesitation with the aim to put yourself on the line. Our meetings are open to everyone, even to those with a basic langauge skills. But if you just want to speak italian, you can rich us a bit later and you will be welcome anyway.

Those who know nothing of foreign langauges know nothing of their own.
Johann wolfgang von goethe



Game corner, games with a native speaker to learn english while having fun.

The meeting for all those who love games. Once a month, on Sunday afternoon, we organize events dedicated to games to play together, with the main goal to practice and improve our English in a really funny way. Under the supervision of a native and experienced English teacher, we will have the opportunity to learn more about words, slang and idioms so as to clear up doubts and improve our vocabulary. Come with us and challenge yourself! You can find us at the Café Américain, in Ancona.

The game is not lost – or won – until the last bell goes.
John Curtin



Literary meeting, the Sunday meetings for all the people hooked on books.

Welcome to the Literary meeting, the first english book club of Ancona for all those who loves books. We met every month, on Sunday afternoon, at the Café Américain: a cozy place in the heart of the city and with the right atmosphere for a full immersion into the magical world of reading.
While drinking something, we will discuss about the last things we have read, sharing opinions and exchanging advice and experiences. If you are hooked on books, wheater classic or digital, this is the event made for you. From 17.00 pm!

So many books, so little time.
Frank Zappa



Ancona Movie Time, original language movies for true movie lovers!

If you are tired of dubbing in movies, if you think that the original language is always better, even when the actors are not so good and, above all, if you want to share this all of this with someone who feel the same way, don’t miss our usual movie nights, who generally take place twice a month.

All the movies are in english with italian subtitles but we also leave space to other languages, depending on availability. We normally meet At 19.30 almost always at Uci Cinemas of Ancona, at Baraccola, we eat all together in one of the restaurants inside and then we enjoy the movie.

If you need a ride we also provide a car sharing service from Ancona center. You will find more information in every single event that we periodically organize.

Everything i learned i learned from the movies.
Audrey Hepburn



Excursions, Let’s discover the Marche Region and not only!

The charm of the Marche Region, among medieval villages, caves, beaches, natural parks and breathtaking mountain landscapes, is second to noone. We periodadically organize outings, picnics and excursions everytime in different places, mainly, but not only, in our Region.

If you love to discover new things, take a look at our blog and our Facebook page. this kind of meetings usually take place once every two or three months!

Cada cien metros el mundo cambia.
Roberto Bolaño

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