Ancona Language Exchange, the language exchange meeting of the city of Ancona. The perfect place to practice foreign languages, meet new people and participate in many fanny activities in a competely relaxed atmosphere.

Nuove amicizie ad Ancona.

Born in 2010 as a group of friends eager to practice languages and have fun, the Ancona Language Exchange, now cultural association headquartered in Ancona, has grown a lot during these years and today the goal to learn and share is stronger than ever.
During this period, armed with passion and constancy, we took part in many different projects, including the organization, in 2013, of an
international meeting in Poland and, later, the Festival of Primo Piano, in collaboration with the municipal of Ancona: a big event attended by important artists like the Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio and the famous Israeli singer Noa, who made a great concert for our city. We are obviously ready for other adventures… Today we are part of LEI (Language Exchange International), an association based in Lyon who groups most of the language exchange all around Europe.

Our mission is to practice and divulgate foreign languages, promoting multiculturalism through the creation of different kind of events, connecting foreign people with our local community and sharing life experiences who let us grow in a totally relaxed atmosphere.
We have a lot of stuff to propose at the moment, like classic
language exchange, meetings with native speakers, foreign movie nights, that we are now organizing at the Uci Cinemas of Ancona, excursions in the wonders of the Marche Region, among ancient villages, castles, caves and natural landscapes of great interest.

Being a cultural association, in order to participate on our activities, is important to subscribe the membership card. It costs only five Euro, lasts one year and let us to create always new things.
The group is open to everyone, even to all those with a basic language skills. So, if you are open minded, with the passion for languages and the desire to stay together, this is the right place for you.

You can find us on Facebook and Twitter.

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